Get started quickly with Foby+ Multiplaat: easy to work with and can be tiled immediately!

Easy, fast and reliable: save time on renovations by using Multiplaat and tiling directly onto walls and floors. Foby+ Multiplaat is a self-supporting, waterproof board material that is guaranteed to last even in wet rooms. Foby+ Multiplaat is supplied in thicknesses of 10mm, 20mm and 30mm, in sheets of 60 x 260cm and also in the special format 120 x 150cm. Other sizes and versions are available on request.

Foby+ Multiplaat is an ideal construction material for bathrooms, toilets and other rooms that need to be tiled. You can apply Multiplaat on a wooden, non-slip floor or a cementitious floor. Irregular walls can easily be levelled out with Multiplaat; new walls can quickly and effectively be constructed on timber battens. Foby+ Multiplaat can also be used as a self-supporting structure, for example for a bath or shower tray or the casing of a cistern.

By scoring on one side, Foby+ Multiplaat can also be formed into round, concave or convex shapes. You can therefore use Multiplaat to build perfect tubes around pipes and drains. You can also use Foby+ Multiplaat to build special elements. For example, non-standard shower rooms, baths or seating elements.

Drains can be installed in Foby+ Multiplaat with a simple construction method.

Foby+ Multiplaat is easy to saw and cut to size. Multiplaat can be glued with tile adhesive or fixed with screws and hammer fixings. Install Multiplaat against a batten frame or self-supporting on studs; seams should be finished with self-adhesive joint sealing tape. No special tools, materials or accessories are required to work with Foby+ Multiplaat.

Basis material: EPS 200-SE with fire retardant agent. Density EPS: 30 kg/m3. Compressive strength EPS: At 10% deformation, 200 kPa. Long-term compression strength EPS: At 2% deformation, 60 kPa. Tensile strength EPS: 250 kPa. Heat conductivity coefficient λ: 0.033 W/m.K. Thermal insulation, Rm value = d/λ: 10mm board 0.30 m2.K/W, 20mm board 0.61 m2.K/W, 30mm board 0.91 m2.K/W. Temperature resistance: -50/+75°C. Water absorption EPS: In case of prolonged immersion 3%. Fire performance EPS: NEN 6065 Class 2, EN13501-1 Euroclass E.

Eurovite Nederland BV guarantees that its product, within the stated shelf life, is in accordance with the specifications. The liability shall never exceed the provisions of our Terms and Conditions of Delivery. In no event shall Eurovite Nederland BV be liable for any consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for the intended application by means of their own tests. This Foby+® quality product is exclusively produced by Eurovite Nederland BV.

Foby+ Multiplaat instructional films

Mounting Multiplaat on a wooden frame

Mounting Multiplaat on a rough, uneven wall

Mounting Multiplaat on existing tiles

Mounting Multiplaat on bricks / blocks

Multiplaat toilet conversion