Elastic and waterproof tile adhesive.

Foby+ Projectpasta is a ready-to-use wall tile adhesive based on a synthetic resin dispersion. The adhesive has good flow resistance properties, excellent initial adhesion and a long open time. Due to its unique composition, the adhesive is very easy to process and versatile. Especially suitable for project applications where no concessions have to be made to the quality and where work can be done very quickly.

Foby+ Projectpasta is suitable for bonding wall tiles, mosaics and similar materials to almost all stone and plaster substrates and wooden walls. Foby+ Projectpasta is particularly recommended for: project-based bonding of wall tiles; indoors, also in damp rooms; for large format tiles; for bonding over old tile layers (renovation work).

Apply the adhesive to the substrate (using the 'floating' method) using a tile trowel with rectangular notches, ensuring that at least 65% of each tile is bonded in the adhesive. Adhesive must only be applied to an area of the surface to enable the tiles to still be pressed into the fresh adhesive in a sliding motion. Residual adhesive must immediately be removed using a damp cloth and tools should be rinsed with water.

Open time: Approx. 30 minutes (depending on temperature). Processing temperature: from +5°C to +25°C (substrate and ambient temperature). Curing: Can be grouted after a minimum of 24 hours. Storage: Store in frost-free conditions. Shelf life: Minimum 12 months if left unopened and stored in dry conditions. Packaging: 20kg bucket. Consumption: 1.8 - 3 kg/m2.

Eurovite Nederland BV guarantees that its product, within the stated shelf life, is in accordance with the specifications. The liability shall never exceed the provisions of our Terms and Conditions of Delivery. In no event shall Eurovite Nederland BV be liable for any consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for the intended application by means of their own tests. This Foby+® quality product is exclusively produced by Eurovite Nederland BV.