Smoothing compound | Surface Repair Material | Quick hardening | Wall and floor | From 1-30mm

For repairing and smoothing out concrete and flat mineral substrates. Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro is also suitable for repairs to cementitious plaster layers and can be used under tiles. After mixing with water, the result is a smooth mortar, which is easy to work with and has good flow resistance properties. Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro hardens quickly with little internal stress.

Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro can be used to smooth and repair stony surfaces such as: sand-lime brick, prefabricated concrete components, poured concrete components, aerated concrete and masonry. Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro is also suitable for repairs to cementitious plaster layers and as a smoothing mortar under tiles in wet areas.

It is not suitable for gypsum-bound substrates.

Mix 9.0 litres of clean water with 25 kg of Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro in a clean mortar tub. Then mix well with a mixer or by hand in order to achieve the correct application consistency. Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro is applied by hand. After the mortar has dried sufficiently, it can be finished in the desired texture. The layer thickness that can be applied is minimum 1 mm and maximum 30 mm. If Foby+ Uitvlakmortel Pro is used under tiling, the surface can be tiled after approx. 6 hours.

Processing temperature: from +5°C to +25°C (substrate and ambient temperature). Processing time: approx. 40 min (at 18°C, very much depending on the temperature). Minimum layer thickness: 1 mm. Maximum layer thickness: 30 mm. Curing: pressure-resistant after at least 3 hours; can be tiled after at least 6 hours. Colour: grey. Consumption with a layer thickness of 1 mm: 1.4 kg/m2. Shelf life: at least 12 months if left unopened and stored in dry conditions. Packaging: 25 kg bag.

Eurovite Nederland BV guarantees that its product, within the stated shelf life, is in accordance with the specifications. The liability shall never exceed the provisions of our Terms and Conditions of Delivery. In no event shall Eurovite Nederland BV be liable for any consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for the intended application by means of their own tests. This Foby+® quality product is exclusively produced by Eurovite Nederland BV.